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Non-Canon Ficathon (Part Deux)

The Non-Canon Ficathon (Part Deux)

A few months back, I hosted a Non-Canon ficathon. It was so successful that I thought maybe a sequel is in order.

1. WHAT IS A NON-CANON SHIP? A non-canon ship is a romantic relationship that doesn't exist within the unfortunate boundaries of the given canon. Examples of these might include:

a. Characters who are friends, but no romantic relationship exists within canon.
b. Characters who are enemies, hence no romantic relationship would exist within the canon.
c. One-sided feelings that may or may not be acted upon; the important thing is that the other person rejects them if they know.
Don't let this list confine you! There are many more examples of non-canon relationships. As long as it doesn't exist within canon, then you're all set!

2. Just like any other ficathon you have participated in, the format is simple -- comment with a pairing and prompt.

3. When responding to a prompt, the title of the comment should be FANDOM - SHIP - TITLE (RATING)

4. For every prompt you fill, try to fill another prompt. I don't want to be a fic Nazi and you're not being forced to do so, but it would be nice.

5. NO BASHING. I think we can all put on our big girls and boys pants. If you don't like a ship/prompt, ignore it and be about your merry way.
6. If you have any questions/comments, I'll have a thread set up below to address any concerns you may have.
7. Have fun! 
Tags: non-canon ficathon
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